Best argumentative essay topics

Table of contents:


  1. Should it be legal?
  2. Is genetically modified organisms harmful or helpful to people?
  3. Should parents be allowed to change their unborn children?
  4. Should the world’s governments be involved in addressing climate change?
  5. Should vaccinations be compulsory for students to attend public school?


  1. Should college athletes be paid for playing sports?
  2. Is it appropriate for sports to be divided by gender?
  3. Should sports in the US take soccer more seriously?
  4. Should the concept of designated hitters be eliminated?
  5. Should coaches and players make the same amount of money?


  1. Is the electoral college a good system for America?
  2. Should supreme court justices be elected?
  3. Should voter registration be compulsory?
  4. Is it a good idea for people in prison to be allowed to vote?


  1. Universal basic income is a good idea.
  2. Is it legal to have an internship without paying?
  3. Should corporations pay a higher or lower tax rate?
  4. Do you think the minimum wage should be increased?
  5. Is it okay to allow monopolies?


  1. Is AI it is good or bad?
  2. Is the internet a positive or negative influence on human society?
  3. Is it ethical to replace humans with automation?
  4. Should self- driving cars be allowed?

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