Essay on health and fitness


Health and fitness are interrelated. Our health includes our physical and mental wellbeing. Control of our bodies is a state of fitness. We could be physically and mentally fit. Health and fitness can be viewed as a way to control our bodies. Depressions and obesity are some of the consequences of neglecting our physical or mental health and fitness. These conditions can lead to serious health challenges and sometimes death. Keeping fit at all times is needed to reduce the risk.

There is a relationship between physical health and fitness.

Positive steps we take to keep our bodies in good shape are referred to as “physical health and fitness”. Also, maintaining a healthy diet would be included. Also, it requires constant medical checks to eliminate the risk of diseases. Our body is in great shape because of physical exercise. The rate at which our body processes fat is determined by our metabolism. When we engage in any physical activity, we store less fat in our body, which is good for our health. Besides that, eating healthy – one of the major factors affecting our physical health. We know, that some food can be bad for our health. Taking meals in the right property is really important in keeping fit.

There are some benefits of physical health.

  • It reduces the risk of heart-related conditions.
  • You can keep your cholesterol low.
  • It makes us fall sick less often.
  • The strength of the muscles and bones should be increased.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • Mental health is really related to fitness.

Our productivity can be affected by mental strain. Depression and other mental illnesses could be caused by it. Mental health and fitness can only be achieved by keeping our brains active.

There are some activities to keep brain active

  • Keeping our minds focused is one of the things we engage in.
  • Less engaging in tasks can cause mental strain.
  • Intellectual materials help the brain function.
  • Getting enough sleep on a daily basis.


The way we treat our environment is one of the things that health and fitness encompass. Health is wealth because we must always keep fit to have a fulfilling life.

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