Good essay signs

Writers are familiar with the rules for writing a good essay. Our service specializes in essays on law.

The features of the genre are usually listed in dictionaries and encyclopedias:

  • Small volume. Of course, there are no hard boundaries. The volume of the essay is from three to seven pages of computer text. For example, at Harvard Business School, essays are often written in just two pages. The topic of the essay is always relevant. An essay can’t contain a lot of ideas. It only reflected one option.
  • Free composition. The essay has free composition as an important feature. The essay is inherently designed in such a way that it does not tolerate any formal framework, according to the researchers.
  • Easy way. There is an easy way of telling stories. To be understood, the author avoids deliberately complicated, obscure, overly strict constructions and establishes a confidential style of communication. A good essay can only be written by someone who knows the topic.
  • Tendence to paradoxes. According to many researchers, the essay is designed to shock the reader. The starting point for reflections in an essay is often an aphoristic, vivid statement, literally colliding at first glance indisputable, but mutually exclusive statements, characteristics, theses. Perhaps this is one of the paradoxes of the genre. The essay has an internal semantic unity, because it is free in composition, focused on subjectivity.


We think It is necessary to avoid the use of abbreviations of words, as well as the use of slang in the essay at the same time. The language used in the essay should be taken very seriously. For you important to define the topic, determine the desired volume and goals of each paragraph, and write an essay. There is a main idea or slogan. To grab the attention of the reader is the job. When an event or fact is associated with the main topic of an essay, a comparative allegory is used.